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Welcome to BRAIDEX : braid to express the beauty in you!

If you are among the women who have made the choice to wear braided hairstyles, you enjoy a freedom of self expression - a celebration of the natural you. Braided styles allow you to embrace a standard of beauty set by a proud and beautiful people. A standard, which also allows for modern freedom from the high maintenance and damage from chemical processing.

Here is a system that allows you to wear your hair straight, curly or wavy without having to straighten or perm your hair line to blend texture, or weave your hair in different colours without bleaching or colouring your own hair, go swimming, do your outdoor pursuits without the fear of rain or wind.

In addition the BRAIDEX system helps protect your own hair from curling irons, blow dryers, styling heat and environmental damage as your own hair is safely tucked away.

BRAIDEX Core Products

BRAIDEX, a new leader in the field of braiding and hair making, uses only natural Kanekalon hair in its’ products, which are processed using a traditional family method developed with great pride. BRAIDEX maintains the original tradition of artisan workmanship in it’s production, while adapting to the needs of the modern black woman.

Our Braiding core products can be categorized into three groups.

  • a) The Weave collection
  • b) The 3-in-1 Collection
  • c) The String braid collection
  • AUGMENTED PRODUCTS/MERCHANDISING TOOLS .includes Hair Extension Step-by step Makeover /Consultation/ Style Books and DVD.

    The real challenge is to continue to respect the consumers, derive products through innovation and deliver quality products.

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