3-in-1 Collection

For every one Plait you get two more plaits - 3-in-1. The result is 3 plaits for the same time it takes to place one.


The 3-in-1 technique lies at the heart of the way we create our hair styles here at BRAIDEX - braid to express. It’s a revolutionary product which allows women to wear beautiful braids without the endurance of having to sit for hours. The technique involves no weaving, sewing, knotting or gluing, no bonding or tying. It simply features a piece of loose hair attached to two or more braided plaits.

This piece of loose hair is braided into your own hair as normal - but instead of one plait you get three - three for the time of one - hence the name!

Women who love micro braids but don’t have the time to spend sitting to have them done and who do not like the idea of a weave which leaves their scalp unable to breathe and who love running their fingers freely through their hair the 3-in 1 system is the best choice of hair technique. Unlike single plaits, which can take days to undo (an operation which has to be planned with military precision around work and your social life!) the 3-in1 can be in and out within the blink of an eye!

3-in-1 Micro Plaits and Twists

This versatile technique can be worn up or down.

3-in1 Micro Plaits

3-in-1 Jumbo

Note the larger braid circumference (pencil-sized) in this 3-in-1 Jumbo Twist

3-in-1 Jumbo Plaits

Note the movement and fullness of the 3-in-1 Jumbo Plaits

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