String Braids

Go Girl!! String braids allow you to look great without the wait. These style could take less than 3 hours to complete. Fuss-free, Amazing!


In a world of dramatically contrasting poverty and wealth, it is a rare common denominator, that the one social status symbol of choice that cuts across a black woman’s vast class and culture group is the hair extension. There is a saying that the beauty of a woman is her crowning glory -the hair.

There was a time when celebrities were the only women wearing or could afford to wear extensions. Back then the fact that the hair on their heads didn’t actually grow out of their scalp was a secret. Black women spend countless hours at the hair dressers while spending millions of dollars on hair. However the choice of extensions and the poor workmanship and also the spiralling costs of these hair design by our Asian and Chinese masters who do not wear the hair themselves is appalling to say the least. Here at BRAIDEX - braid to express we could no longer stand back and watch the abuse that many black women are receiving because of lack of choice. As BRAIDEX - braid to express is in the cutting edge of new technology it was an opportunity not to be missed to -introduce string braid With the String braid we have exclusively decided to keep it a secret as it is absolutely a dazzling and an amazing discovery .

The String braids is a fantastic revolution in the art of braiding and fulfils everything a woman desires in its delivery of low maintenance option besides a weave. Like all the other technique the String braid can protect your natural hair by taking away the daily wear and tear. Protecting the elements and your styling practices. With the string braids you will be able to style your hair in a hurry, perfect for the morning rush when you may have to get the children to school and dash to an early management meeting. The String braids will allow you to rest your hair from the heat of blow dryers, curling irons or hot rollers. Hash weather, or cotton pillow cases will not affect the hair.

The String braid is a sister design to the Brandy WOP and the WOPAD respectively because it is available in the plait version and the pick and drop. The one difference is that it is not a weave as the hair is attached with the aid of strings . The string braid are the most amazingly simplified art of braiding volumes of hair in literally minutes . Just like the 3-in-1 technique above there is no bonding , no sewing and no drama! The string braid is usually applied when you want the track of hair to lay flatter and are completely undetectable even when running your fingers through your hair. It is applied as like an interlock system and has been made easier with the aid of strings.

Yaki String Braids

With the String braids we’ve got it in the yaki version (ie straight) or if you prefer a cascade of curls the string braid hair is amazingly compliant with just hot water in minutes, or the ready made string braid finger curl or corkscrew.


The string braid is also available in plaits and Twist both in the jumbo and micro category.

String Braid Finger Curl

String Braid Curly

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