The Weave Collection

Tired of Pain, broken edges and bald spots? Tired of sitting in the salon for hours and excuses? Tired of glue-in wigs and single Plaits?


Pre-made synthetic braids or Twists have revolutionalised braid extension by allowing us to optimise the sewn on method. The Weave Collection consists of the BRANDY Weave on Plait or Twist (WOPOT) and the Weave on Pick and Drop (WOPAD).

BRANDY Weave-on Plait or Twist

The BRANDY technique has revolutionalised the way women are wearing their micro braids. Gone are the days of having to spend hours and hours having your hair braided or twisted with numerous micro plaits. The Brandy WOPOT weave are loose plaits separated strand by strand on a thin braided weave like pattern Of course there are cheaper version of our hair made from cheap fiber.

  • WILL EVERYONE KNOW YOU ARE WEARING a Weave with theirs - sadly to say YES

To the untrained eye, a counterfeit braided weave-on may be indistinguishable from the real thing. The hallmark of the BRAIDEX Brandy’s uniqueness is that the hair is separated strand by strand in a weave-like pattern, crafted by women and not run- of- the- mill machine produced version.


On the left, you see BRAIDEX Brandy hand crafted by women and separated strand by strand in a weave-like pattern. Feels and looks natural and light.


This hair is mass produced with a machine. Hair is clumped together. Feels and looks heavy.

Weave on Pick and Drop

For those of you who abhor the thought of using human hair collected from Indian temples where women shave there hair during religious ceremonies, the BRAIDEX - braid to express Weave-on pick and drop (WOPAD) technique could be your choice of hair. Adding additional hair as a fashion accessory is perfectly acceptable, when done properly.

The sewn-in method, is one of the best methods to avoid damaging your hair. The hair looks and feels like healthy living hair and has been developed to reduce tangling. The WOPAD yaki in the photo to the left can be set with hot water or hot dryer to achieve some curls as well.

WOPAD Finger curl and Corkscrew

The hair is available in a variety of curl patterns such as the WOPAD finger curl. These are loose deep wave curls, and the WOPAD cork screw where the hair has been set in tight corkscrew curls.

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