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BRAIDEX is constantly evolving, always modern and on the cutting edge of technology. BRAIDEX is exclusive and tailor-made for you.

Braiding Made to measure. Seeing is believing!

They say ‘seeing is believing’ because BRAIDEX started out of blind faith by two sisters who have extensive experience in the ethnic hair industry, as well as the small business industry. Mary-ann Echema has years of experience running a small salon from home and Lelia Echema has been living. breathing , talking hair her entire life. Their talents combine to ensure a well rounded management structure.

In 2008 - Mary-ann Echema decided to open a small outfit hair design from home in Enugu ,NIGERIA. She has always had a passion for hair since as a child growing up. Whilst running her business salon Mary-ann became acquainted with various customers who wanted to cut to the chase and do simple hair customized to their looks at affordable prices. Many women were becoming weary of overtly familiar styles and layouts. She discovered a gap in the market for personalized braiding.

Ms Lelia Echema has had a varied and rather diverse background . ‘My career as a hair dresser began at the tender age of 8. My hair dressing career graduated to the public arena of shows, where I introduced many numerous techniques of hair braiding for the women of color. I am more than just hair dressing as my sharp mind and talented nature led me to explore the world of the hair shows and hair making through my sister Mary-ann.

The Proprietors, have been able to create a range of alternative hair products which combine the traditional systems with more advanced technologies, inorder to satisfy the needs of today’s sophisticated world of fashion and beauty

MANAGERIAL CLIMATE AND COMPANY CULTURE:In this organization, management and employees are on an “equal level” where all members encourage one other and communicate informally. It is important to establish this sort of base which ultimately provides all team members with a sense of worthiness and, thus, increase productivity. We believe that people are central to everything that needs to be accomplished. Thus, honesty, respect, generosity, caring, and sharing should be directed towards our customers, employees and future contacts This is because company related values and policies eventually become embedded in the thoughts and actions of all members.

Company Strategy

BRAIDEX’s mission is to:

  • develop and market high quality specialty pre-made ethnic synthetic hair products for black women with growth potential.
  • Satisfy our customers' immediate needs and wants by providing them with a wide variety of goods and services that is fully integrated
  • BRAIDEX long long-term vision :

  • Is to be recognized as a leading brand name in the synthetic hair packaged good company with major market share positions in the key extension markets worldwide.
  • Will be to constantly foster new ideas, develop new technologies and establish new rules in the market place.
  • Is true dedication to the concern for the well being of all communities in which we operate.

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